The Plant Runner - Indoor Plant Food

The Plant Runner - Indoor Plant Food

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The Plant Runner liquid indoor plant food is formulated for indoor plants and acts quickly to give your plants the nutrients they require.
With an N:P:K ratio of 12:2:12, trace elements and seaweed, it provides a complete feed for your indoor plants.

Better yet, this indoor plant food is almost completely odourless and comes with it's own pipette so you can easily measure out the right application rate (1 pipette = 1ml)
Each 100ml bottle will make up to 100 litres of plant food 

Simply add the concentrate to your watering can at the correct ratio, and water your plants as usual. No need to add any extra steps to your plant care routine.

Made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Application Rate:
1/4 teaspoon (1ml) per 1 litre of water, as required.

Typical Analysis:
Nitrogen:      (N) 12%
Phosphorus: (P) 2%
Potassium:    (K) 12%

Trace Elements:
(B) Boron
(Fe) Iron
(Mn) Maganese
(Zn) Zinc
(Cu) Copper
(Mo) Molybdenum
(Ca) Calcium
Plus Seaweed.

Safety Directions:
Not for human consumption. 
Shake well before using
Keep out of reach of children & Pets
Store in a cool dry space